Our Engineering and Design Services

GEO, with its experience of more than 25 years and its structure following the latest technological developments, is an expert engineering company that designs facilities and processes in every sector it serves.

Providing engineering and design services for facility, line, technological manufacturing and process solutions tailored to the needs of the customers, GEO offers high-efficiency engineering solutions at affordable costs thanks to its supply, assembly and commissioning experience.

Having extensive knowledge and experience in the processes of numerous materials such as advanced materials, acids, organic chemicals, stabilizers, PVC, ink in the chemical, paint, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, GEO quickly and effectively designs the engineering solution you need for your process.

With 25 years of process experience in the food industry, GEO designs and implements the most appropriate engineering solutions, taking into account the important points of your hygienic and sophisticated processes, from fruit juices to olive oil, from mineral water to milk and dairy products.