Our Social Facility Project​

GEO has always interiorized the importance of living in harmony with nature and has tried to take steps in this direction. In this direction, GEO, which pioneered as part of the Bicycle Project with Karşıyaka Municipality a few years ago, had a dream for a long time: A social facility where its employees can relax in nature and access good agricultural products.

GEO realizes what it dreams of sooner or later! And it did it… GEO now has a social facility in İzmir Menderes,  offers an opportunity for its employees to socialize in clean air and nature.

In this period which it is difficult to reach good food, we started to grow natural agricultural products with the collective support of our employees. As we consumed the crops we harvested throughout the summer, our cooperative plans continued to be shaped by innovative ideas. We will be doing our part by diversifying and developing our activities for a sustainable world.