With our in-house chemical and mechanical engineers, we offer turnkey solutions for your chemical plants to be established or to increase capacity. With the awareness that different production capacities will require different solutions, we are establishing your chemical plant where you can transform your raw materials into final and intermediate products with our experience and foresight of more than a quarter of a century. We manufacture piping and equipment that can ensure the transmission of your fluid materials in the most efficient way.

When designing the chemical plant, we also provide, if desired, a detailed P&ID study that specifically shows all the piping, valves, sensors and measuring devices. We study this process, which is often difficult and complex, in detail in our specially licensed programs.

While designing your chemical process facilities, we also take into account the corrosion effect that may occur due to acid vapors and other electrolytic interactions and take the relevant precautions.

If you have a process that requires mixing, we offer chemical reactor solutions with mixing systems, if you need to keep the mixture at a certain temperature, we add heating and cooling systems. We precisely adjust the surface roughness coefficient, which we call roughness, for biochemical processes such as fermentation or enzyme production, and we work on the relevant material.

Some of the services we will offer you when establishing your chemical plant or increasing your existing plant capacity;