Parallel to the developments in the field of medicine, the pharmaceutical industry has always taken innovative and progressive steps. Advances in technology have also made it easier for the research-based pharmaceutical industry to innovate. Especially due to the pandemic that has surrounded our world since the end of 2019, this industry has raced and is racing with time.

Considering the time, cost and risks on the one hand, it would be beneficial to work with an experienced engineering firm while establishing your pharmaceutical facility. At this point, we, as GEO, prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, and offer efficient solutions for your process with our experienced engineer team. We eliminate the cost and risk pressure on you with our engineering solutions, and the time pressure with our production power. Because we know that all new drugs on the market go through long, costly and risky research processes.

We are at your side with our experienced team to make this complex process the most efficient for you, whether you are establishing your pharmaceutical facility or renovating or expanding your established pharmaceutical facility.

As GEO, we undertake all the projects of your pharmaceutical facility, from project design to technological, automated, efficient machinery and equipment manufacturing and on-site installation for your entire production process, anticipating and eliminating the risks that may arise, and enable you to make a safe production at international standards.

Some of the services we will provide to you while establishing your pharmaceutical facility;